Color Flickers and Vibrates

“Invocation with Nature” by Rita Alvarez

Intimacy with Nature exhibit is on display now at Luna’s Cafe. From June 26th thru September 2nd, 2017 nine selected paintings, featuring California’s Central Valley foothill and mountain regions will adorn the quaint cafe in downtown Sacramento.

This show marks my return to art and life. What a journey this process has been! For a year and a half  I was ill and the healing process has been long. Today I am so grateful to my restored good health and more determined than ever to give 110% to living a healthy, happy and artful life. I won’t go into my new healthy and balanced artist lifestyle here, but I promise to write on it later. For now I really want to focus on the exhilarating and inspiring feeling of painting again.

All of a sudden I see everyday surroundings full of movement and atmosphere, and my eyes become super sensitive to color. Colors flicker and vibrate, vying for my attention. The present moment becomes the most heavenly place ever. The trees swaying in the wind saying “look at me, look at me I’m singing”. The water sparkling, dancing. The rocks say, “do I have a story to tell you”! I begin to wonder, why do I get to see and experience all this glory? Those awesome experiences always leave me wanting people to see what I have seen. The action itself, of trying to paint what I feel, cannot be shared; but I always hope, as the viewer traces my brushstroke across the canvas, they will somehow share my experiences and see things as I have.

I invite you to please come help me celebrate this new body of artwork inspired by the unique and artful California Foothills!

~ Rita Alvarez, Artist

Intimacy with Nature exhibit, at Luna’s Cafe

June 26th – September 2nd 2017

1414 16th Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

Save the date! Artist Reception: July 15th, 4 – 7 pm

UC Davis, Arboretum

drawingoneasel5Web Version

“Live Oak and Soft Rush Grass”

Today, I happily share with you my finished 9 x 12 graphite drawing. This drawing, “Live Oak and Soft Rush Grass” focuses on the historical beauty of the California Landscape.


Protect Your Fruit Trees From Sunburn During The WINTER!

Turns out it is very important to protect your fruit trees from sunburn during the winter! One reason is the trees have no leaves or very few to protect it’s trunk from the sun. Secondly, California’s foothills are approximately 1,500 feet in elevation making it that much closer to the sun’s rays.

This is the mixture I use on the trees at the Rita Alvarez Artist Retreat.

50/50 mixture of water and white latex paint. Super easy to do!


This is how most of my trees looked before I started. They still had some paint left from when I painted them last year. You can see another year without fresh paint and the trunk would most likely suffer at least some cracking allowing insects and disease to penetrate the trees outer defense system.

.  Before

This is after I painted the tree with the 50/50 water, latex paint mixture.


Here is an example of a fruit tree that has not been protected from the winter sun. The damage to the trees outer layer, it’s protective layer, makes it vulnerable to insects and disease. The best cure for disease is PREVENTION. So protect your trees and prevent or reduce the need for insecticides on your trees and eventually on your table!


I would also like to mention the above process protects a tree from sunburn but not from rodents or rabbits that could eat around the tree’s root ball also causing a lot of damage to your tree. Therefore, adding a tree guard could also be very useful in raising healthy trees.

Overall it was an exceptionally beautiful winter day hanging out in the orchard. The wildlife was busy, squawking, chirping, ravens zooming about in the sky… I’m so glad I didn’t miss it. What a day!

I hope this post provides information and inspiration to anyone in need. If you would like to know more on how you can help this and other projects at the artist retreat please go to Retreat tab above or contact the artist.  Thank you!

Hugelkultur: In the Sierra Nevada Foothills?

HugelkulturThis common sense and brilliant technique can save you money, and when practiced will improve your communities environmental health. Click on the Rita Alvarez Learning Center tab and go to the Garden section to learn more about this important water, tree and air quality saving tip!

Studio Paint Day!

When its too hot to paint outside I enjoy the cool comfort of my studio. I use this time to apply finishing details on my previously created paintings, pushing myself to the absolute limits of my abilities! I find it enjoyable because it makes me relive the feelings I experience when studying nature for a new painting.

This original 12 x 16 plein air oil painting was created in Capay, Valley California.
Pic for blog 7-8-2015