More work on evening painting

This view from one of my favorite sitting spots faces west where the sun disappears every evening. Since each sunset is a little different, at this point I am picking and choosing which subtle differences I want to keep and which to change. These choices are based on the overall tone I wish to communicate.

Plain air painting in the Sierra Foothills by Rita Alvarez
Plain air painting in the Sierra Foothills by Rita Alvarez

An Evening Painting


When it’s too hot during the summer months to paint outdoors I often paint at dusk. From my perspective (on top of a hill) I have the advantage of being able to view far into the horizon. This painting will focus on the illusion of distance using atmosphere as a drawing technique. There are two more commonly used artist techniques used to portray distance, can you name them? Leave a comment and lets talk about it!

Studio Paint Day!

When its too hot to paint outside I enjoy the cool comfort of my studio. I use this time to apply finishing details on my previously created paintings, pushing myself to the absolute limits of my abilities! I find it enjoyable because it makes me relive the feelings I experience when studying nature for a new painting.

This original 12 x 16 plein air oil painting was created in Capay, Valley California.
Pic for blog 7-8-2015